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Beacon of Light is Sunderland’s most innovative sports and education facility – the first of its kind in the UK. This huge facility of five (yes five) storeys will feature a sports hall, football pitches and a state of the art education centre, for the UK’s budding athletes and academics of the future. The inspiration behind the Beacon of Light is that if you join forces, you can motivate and inspire the community.  Found next to the Sunderland Aquatic Centre and Stadium of Light, this exciting new venue is set to open in summer 2018 and will become an iconic addition to the north-east skyline.  (you know how we like to make icons iconic)


The brief was to create an unmistakable landmark by applying dynamic colour change lighting onto the frosted façade panels which can be tuned to home team colours, to commemorate events and celebrate charity days.  Literally create a beacon of light that would be visible from around the city.  (Lets get to work)

What we did

The main objective was to create a fully controllable and even dynamic colour behind the frosted panels that form the skin of the building.  The task was to get an even wash and push light as far down the façade panels as possible.  As you know (or we hope you know) or products all use our very own clean beam technology – what this means is that our luminaires optics and internal detailing ensure outstanding control of the beam angle and cleanliness of the lit effect.

To start the project Paul Whittaker our Project Engineer met with all parties to show what BLADE was capable of.   In May we wrote an article in our acdcID magazine discussing the value of mock ups and why we should do them.  (an interesting read) get your copy here.

During this mock up stage, we were able to produce renders and visuals to get a feel for the overall look without even getting a product out of its box.  We then we on site to play with the light to understand the building, the textures and the finish to explore how they would respond to the application of the light.  We also got a good understanding of how the fittings needed to be spaced to create the desired even wash of light.  To achieve great colour mix we used RGBW fixtures.  Optical control was important to get a good wash of colour and each individual panel needed to be controlled to a different colour while minimising bleed over.  The input of JH Partners utilising the Academy of Light at our sister brand – Thorn, the co-operation of the electrical contractor Mc Nally and Thompson alongside the Foundation of Light Trust was invaluable to us to get the correct lit effect.  After just one mock up everyone was agreed BLADE was the one for the job.

Our BLADE family is available in three variants two surface mounted options, with or without integral driver and an in-ground version. All BLADE versions defy convention to bring you an even wall wash across any given surface.  This is brought to you by using one LED optic which consistently runs across the full length of the product eliminating scalloping with two impressive outputs – standard bright and extra bright out performing competitor comparative products. The glare control used on BLADE is completely different to the way anyone else is doing it. The light source is recessed into the body to provide a primary level of glare control. In addition our new micro louvre and diffusing film means acdc are leading the way in glare control, giving a further level of protection making it incredibly comfortable to view in any environment.

In fact there are so many things to tell you about BLADE why don’t you take a look at our product pages and video for a little more inspiration? BLADE


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