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Our Sales Team

Our highly experienced Sales Team are used to working on top spec premium and large scale projects; they can offer informed and accurate information on all aspects of LED lighting and will work with you to deliver the best LED lighting solutions for your individual projects.

acdc understand that to make an informed decision, and to select the most appropriate product for your project, you need all the information available; to this end along with the knowledge from our team we are also able to provide the following:

Product specification

A product specification sheet is available for every product in the acdc range; each sheet includes all the information you need in one place to be able to specify the product; a detailed description of the product, images, LIF tables, part code table and technical diagrams.


In order to achieve a better understanding of our products, it is often easier to see them in action to get a feel of the overall finish and to test its capabilities.  We are able to provide samples of our products where necessary for you to look at, play with, examine and take to bits!

Photometric data

All of the products in the acdc range have been independently photometrically tested, with different options and optics available. These are regularly updated as the LED technology begins to improve and outputs increase.  Files are available in IES and LDT format on each products web page.

CAD design

The Solidworks CAD package enables acdc to not only design project solutions, but to also produce 3D images, 3D videos and photographic quality colour renderings. These become particularly important tools for you and will enable you to demonstrate the design or concept to your client. They can also save on design time and costs, often reducing the requirement for prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping

We believe that the outstanding quality of the CAD renderings often negates the requirement for prototyping.  However, for an additional charge, we can also manufacture prototypes to give a 1:1 scale model of the product concept.  This can often be carried out using plastic based materials, enabling us to deliver prototypes within 1-2 weeks, once the initial design is agreed.  This service can be extremely beneficial to assist with the onsite co-ordination and design.

Final Prototyping & Site Demonstrations

Final site mock ups can be developed if required, although these can often be expensive if the quantity required is small and the tooling or setup time significant. They can however be particularly useful if the concept is very specific or complex and the time and money spent on final prototyping can have a significant impact on delivering a project in line with the design intent.

Lighting calculations

Our experienced team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your project; however if a more formal and detailed approach is needed, we can produce lighting calculations where requested, for an additional charge, to assist you in the design process.

Installation guides

We are in the process of putting together simple installation guides showing you different lit effects, possible applications and a variety of configurations that are available, with an easy ‘how to specify’ manual.  These will be produced shortly and will be added to the website as soon as they are available.

We hope that this covers everything you need, however if there is anything you feel is missing that would help aid your design, please let us know.


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