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PLAZA S3x and S7x


    PLAZA is our surface mounted floodlight family – forming part of our exterior lighting range that dramatically change the way we experience night time.  These tiny versatile floodlights have a lot to give – They love illuminating architectural facades, detailed niches and structures, transforming and shaping our view of townscapes.

    Minimalistic Design:

    • Incredibly small (PLAZA S3X is no larger than a credit card) to blend seamlessly within architectural applications.
    • PLAZA S3x and PLAZA S7x are constructed with a 6063 grade aluminum and finished in a specialist corrosion resistant powder coat paint to ensure the long life integrity of the product to suit the demands of an exterior lighting product.

    Clean Beam Design (CBD) Technology

    • The optics and internal detailing of the luminaire are designed to ensure outstanding control of the beam angle and clean overall lighted effect.

    Broad choice as standard:

    • A multitude of optics from narrow flood and linear, plus multiple color temperature options that allows you to control the light.
    • Black and white are our standard color finishes, however if you need the luminaire to match a design we ca offer RAL colors to customize your design. (bright pink? no problem!)


    • Glare is one of the most important considerations in exterior lighting. Due to the positioning of the single chip LED and the matte black integral snoot the visual comfort for the viewer is perfect.

    Installation and mounting:

    • Surface or wall mounted on adjustable bracket.
    • Ground spike and tree strap accessories available.

    Global Application:

    •  IP67 and for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°/+50°C. Especially relevant when used in extreme and challenging external environments.

    All acdc products are dual binned within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to guarantee color consistency and supplied with a 5 year guarantee

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