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  • FUSION is part of our outdoor lighting family of products – a collection of 3 surface mounted floodlights that change spaces into experiences.

    These intelligent powerhouses have it all –  illuminating buildings and structures with an intense wash of color, highlighting the size and scale of a landmark providing a focal point to any location, making it iconic.

    FUSION highlights form and character creating a backdrop for important life moments and memories.


    Minimalistic Design: 
    Simple minimalist design with solid construction: Incredibly compact and beautifully designed to blend seamlessly within the architectural environment.
    Constructed from a high pressure, die cast, corrosion resistant LM24 aluminum and finished in a specialized corrosion resistant powder coat paint to ensure the long life integrity of the luminaire and to withstand the demands of the outdoor lighting environment.

    Clean Beam Design (CBD) with wide optic choices: 
    The optics and internal detailing of the luminaire have been designed to ensure outstanding control of the beam angle and the cleanliness of the overall lit effect, without stray light or unpleasant imaging.
    We have a multitude of highly efficient optics from super narrow to linear, plus multiple color temperature options

    Broad choice as standard:
    FUSION has a wide range of beam angles, color temperatures and color change including RGB, RGBA, RGBW.
    FUSION has 4 channel dimmable color options with advanced driver technology to guarantee flicker free dimming.
    Color options include dynamic white for precise tuning.
    Black and white are our standard color finishes, however if you need something special we can offer RAL colors to customize your design.

    Complete Glare Control:
    Outdoor lighting within the public realm  requires the ultimate in glare control and FUSION full range of accessories hides the light source from the observers so they have a perfect view without any glare.

    Global Application: 
    Floodlighting on building façades, surroundings and highlighting objects in the realm of public environment.
    They are suitable for all outdoor lighting applications with IP66 and for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -4°F/+122°F.
    The on-board thermal management system automatically dims the product when temperatures exceed 122°F with no loss of color saturation. Providing a level of safeguard when used in extreme and challenging external environments.

    Installation and mounting:
    Outdoor lighting installations can be challenging so FUSION offers a surface or wall mounted on adjustable bracket.  Flexible focusing of the bracket can be tilted +50° forward or -95° back and rotated +/-45° from 0°.
    Ground spike and wall arm bracket are available
    The FUSION Hub provides a rapid first fix installation of mains and DMX.

    For full details of this product, please call 410 220 0088 or email


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