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  • ORELLE PRO is a compact surface mounted cove lighting luminaire that reshapes our view of coffers and coves.

    This lovely linear transforms our interior spaces by bringing our attention to the height and outline of the space around us.  They lift and guide our eyeline around the space, making us curious as to what else there is to see.  ORELLE PRO fills coffers and coves with its smooth cove lighting glow breathing new life into a space, giving it character, making it unique.

    Minimalistic Design: Minimal in its design, ORELLE PRO is designed to blend seamlessly into the scheme. The robust luminaire housing is made from custom made aluminium extrusion to ensure the long life integrity of the product.

    Clean Beam Design (CBD) with wide optic choices: The optics and internal detailing of the luminaires has been designed to ensure outstanding excellent control of the beam angle and the overall lit effect without stray light or unpleasant imaging. Minimized LED spacing in ORELLE PRO ensures a smooth and even lit effect. 80 and 90 CRI options are also available.

    Broad choice as standard: ORELLE PRO has two output options (standard and extra bright), five lengths and various color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. ORELLE PRO color rendering is at the highest level at 80 CRI & 90 CRI

    Complete Glare Control:  ORELLE PRO has a number of accessories suitable for cove lighting to give you complete control of the glare. A choice of lens including a diffused option and cowl accessories to hide the light source from view, so they have a perfect view without any glare.

    Installation and Mounting: ORELLE PRO can be surface mounted with its adjustable bracket +/-30° tilt. The fittings can be installed end to end up to 20ft from a single power source and are able to follow architectural shapes and curves with the help of its flexible connector. Installation costs are kept to a minimum as it is quick and easy to fit, with its cove lighting plug and play connection and live click installation method.

    Global Application : Suitable for Illuminating coves and coffers. They are suitable for indoor applications with IP40 and for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°/+50°C. Providing a level of safeguard when used in extreme and challenging external environments.

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