Bespoke solutions

Bespoke design solutions by acdc

Although the acdc product portfolio covers many different applications, we are well equipped to handle large volume project specials. These can take the form of minor tweaks to existing products, major redesigns or even a completely new product.

The acdc design and technical teams have the engineering experience and knowledge to manufacture the most challenging of project based solutions. Providing the quantities are larger than 50 or so luminaires, the design time and machine setup cost can often be absorbed. Similarly, we will give you an immediate and honest response if a concept is either impossible or unachievable.  There are several levels of support which can be offered by our design engineers, aimed at assisting project specific designs or requirements.

Design Meetings & Discussions

We will attend design meetings and discussions to gain a true understanding of your project requirements and design intent. This can be done either in person, by telephone or web link, which is especially beneficial on some of our overseas projects.

CAD Design

The Solidworks CAD package enables acdc to not only design project solutions, but to also produce 3D images, 3D videos and photographic quality colour renderings. These become particularly important tools for you and will enable you to demonstrate the design or concept to your client. They can also save on design time and costs, often reducing the requirement for prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping

The outstanding quality of the CAD renderings often negates the requirement for prototyping, however, we can also manufacture prototypes to give a 1:1 scale model of the product concept. This can often be carried out using plastic based materials, enabling us to deliver prototypes within 1-2 weeks, once the initial design is agreed. This service can be extremely beneficial to assist with the onsite co-ordination and design.

 Final Prototyping & Site Demonstrations

Final site mock ups can be developed if required, although these can often be expensive if the quantity required is small and the tooling or setup time significant. They can however be particularly useful if the concept is very specific or complex and the time and money spent on final prototyping can have a significant impact on delivering a project in line with the design intent.


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